segunda-feira, 26 de abril de 2010


Barthélémy Toguo nasceu nos Camarões em 1967.

Faz desenhos, pinturas, esculturas, intalações.

Faz arte. Muitíssima. 
E faz mais que isso.
Vale a pena conhecer o projecto Bandjoun station

"Aware of the double dilemma of being on the one hand unable to protect Africa’s classical and contemporary artistic heritage, and yet keen to undertake an ambitious cultural project, I decided to use most of the money I have I earned through my work as an artist to set up "Bandjoun Station", a ... a non-profit-making project of entirely personal inspiration in terms of concept, construction, production and implementation.

We Africans do not have the ‘luxury’ of surrender, of whining and waiting, in spite of the enormous number of obstacles encountered by Africa and her diaspora. It is essential that we find OUR OWN solutions in all areas, whether agriculture, healthcare, economy, culture, politics, education or sport. In order to do that our African countries must set up a large number of vibrant and innovative structures in order to stimulate creativity and the desire for culture, as well as to develop the practical side and bring projects to fruition."

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